Welcome to Archingle’s Kitchen.

Hey guys! I’m Kristina, the foodie behind Archingle’s Kitchen.

When my son, Cristian, was little he couldn’t pronounce the word triangle, instead he would say archingle. We thought it was the cutest thing in the world so we started to call him our Little Archingle, now shortened to Arch. My son is my world, the inspiration for the majority of things I do in life and my partner in crime in the kitchen, hence the name of this blog.

I was born in Moscow, Russia but grew up most of my life right here in New Jersey. I have been cooking for as long as I can remember and my world basically revolves around food. I’ve been in the hospitality industry since I am 16. I’ve done everything from hostessing with my best friends at the local Chinese restaurant to landing a job as a bartender at a 3 Michelin starred restaurant in New York City.

Ultimately making and sharing food with my friends and family is my greatest passion. I am here to make your life easier and more delicious!